To improve your likelihood of
surviving a medical emergency


An elderly couple enjoying their golden years.
A Fortune 500 executive driven by decisions and deadlines.
A young athlete pushing to excel.
A baby-boomer diagnosed with heart disease.

All of these scenarios share a common theme. Each of these individuals are, have, or do something that can push their pulse rate outside of normal, safe ranges.

Now imagine having peace of mind from an affordable ehealth solution that provides your best chance of surviving an emergency, including Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

At Emergency Medical Technologies Corporation we anticipate, identify, and communicate medical emergencies through pulse rates. Its done using a device that we all have & use - a wristwatch.   EMT's WriskWatch™* detects loss of pulse; it also identifies if you fall or activate a personal panic button. Help is automatically called without you having to lift a finger. The EMT WriskWatch™ - a revolutionary telehealth solution for early recognition and early response.

EMT's WriskWatch™ targets three market segments: Consumer, Business, & Medical. Within each market, we offer graduated levels of service to enable you to best meet your needs. To learn more about our product, click on the market that best describes you.


* Trademark, Patent, and FDA Approval Pending.

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